Get Mine

This general song is influenced by many things my will to survive not only that but to strive in my Ono world of weirdness its alway exciting making something new it just get the blood flowing and new and exciting thing comes to mind. This is  its really pop sounding with hip hop entangled in there really refreshing take.

     I wanted this song to song smooth but at the time making and giving it a dance type feel by using  a couple synth as to hold the melody, also used the bass to get it bounce.


     the key I used was C major I really enjoyed making the melodies just the hold nine this is a song that brought me joy I hope that it does the same for who ever is listening. I also chose to put a lil auto tune on my voice just to add a little mystery and creativeness.

 I added two synth the ES1  and the ES2 and just lightly but noticeable if  you your listen close enough you'll hear then ever so slightly. I used them as backing melodies to add that something you know when you are listen to to music and here just that something in background like "whats was that" or "what is that" just to add some kind of enigma for the listeners tone engaged with the song. I am going to be honest I've always recorded my own voice song so I kind know what I wanna Do when I do it.

For this I used chorus and reverb on 4 channels also got these effects on the drums and the piano to make them sound more full. 

thank you for listening